Streamsong Resort, Blue Course

Streamsong Resort

Blue Course

Polk County, FL

What’s now one of the busiest and most heralded golf resorts in Florida is a reclamation project on the site of a former phosphate mine for The Mosaic Company, with the resort hotel on undisturbed ground 1/2 mile away. Tom Doak and Bill Coore worked together to route the first 36 holes, so that the Red course by Coore & Crenshaw and our Blue course are intertwined.

The dramatic landscape was created years ago by industrial-scale mining machinery, but then the sandy overburden from the mining operation blew around in the wind and revegetated naturally. We were able to lay golf holes on the land in our minimalist style, with one or two exceptions where big cuts and fills were done to create space or soften a dangerous slope.