Quail Crossing

Quail Crossing GC

Evansville, IN

Quail Crossing is a 300-acre golf development in the eastern suburbs of Evansville, and we were hired to do the overall land plan as well as the golf course, so that the two could be married together seamlessly.  Several holes run along the perimeter of the property, so that interior roads could be built more cost-efficiently with homes on both sides, and homes would be sheltered from any future development next door.

The most unusual part of the course is a 25-acre patch of old coal mining tailings near the center of the property, which we wanted to use as a feature of several holes, without doing spending too much money on them.  In the end, the tailings come into play on holes five through nine, but we only built part of one fairway inside them — the rest is all tees and greens that had to be constructed artificially anyway.