Maha Napa Resort

Middletown, CA

This might be the most ambitious project we have ever worked on.  Our client owns 29,000 acres of rugged terrain, ranch land, and vineyards just north of the Napa County line.  The ultimate scope of the project includes golf, residential, a world class equestrian and polo facility, and three boutique hotels, developed in collaboration with hotelier Adrian Zecha, and the architects who designed his Aman resorts.

The golf course is laid out as a trek across the property, connecting one facility to another.  It starts at the top of Red Hill, in the north center of the property, and finishes nearly two miles away, and five hundred feet below.  There will be clubhouses at the beginning and end, plus a funicular at the halfway house to take you down the 170-foot slope from the 10th tee to the green.