Exploration The routing of a course is a guided tour of the property, taking the golfer to 18 designated spots, and showing her what we want her to see


Terrain Golf course design is about fitting golf shots to the topography and the features of the land. Golf is a three-dimensional game, and undulating terrain provides interest to the golfer’s stance and ball flight, as well as interest once the ball lands.


Variety The greater the variety of golf holes, golf shots, and scenery, the more interesting the course.


Asymmetry The natural landscape is not symmetrical. An imbalanced placement of hazards or an offset fairway creates visual tension that weighs on the golfer’s mind.


Composition Just because features are imbalanced doesn’t mean they can’t combine in a beautiful way. When a golf hole looks exciting, it should prove exciting to play.


Harmony We aim to leave nature as we found it, or at least to erase our footprints so that the course looks like it has always been there. The animals that grazed the early links did not leave mowing lines.