CommonGround GC

Aurora, CO

Our friends at the Colorado Golf Association had scrimped and saved handicap fees for ten years, and wanted to spend their $4 million to transform Mira Vista Golf Course into a hub for golf in Colorado, capable of hosting every state golf event and national events as well — including qualifying rounds for the 2012 U.S. Amateur and 2019 U.S. Senior Open.  But in the end, they wanted to keep it an affordable, $40 public course.

How could we best spend their money?  We recycled cart path material.  We made a deal with a landscaper to transplant trees on site for zero dollars, in return for taking some away for his own projects.  We completely redesigned and rebuilt 18 holes, and saved enough in the process to build a nine-hole par-3 kids’ course, which they use to promote the game in local schools.  And the attached Solich Caddie and Leadership Academy is possibly the best legacy of our work.