Barnbougle Dunes

Bridport, Tasmania, Australia

As Mike Keiser said to me, if a golf course project could work in Tasmania, it could work anywhere.  And it did!  But its success owes little to international players, and more to the fact that avid golfers throughout Australia have fallen in love with links golf, and return to the resort once or twice each year.

To capture that sort of repeat business, you need to build golf holes that are seared into people’s memories, and Barnbougle has those in spades.  The short par-4 fourth hole [featured on the welcome page to my web site], the “Little Devil” 7th, the split-fairway 8th, and my homage to Alister MacKenzie’s Sitwell Park green at the 13th may be four of the best holes I’ve ever built — all on the same course.  Plus, it’s the only links in the world where the wallabies will bounce by to say G’day.