Atlantic City Country Club

Atlantic City CC

Northfield, NJ

I’ve always shied away from redesign projects, because you start with 18 holes and end up with 18, and whether the course is any better is strictly a matter of opinion.  But the new owners of Atlantic City Country Club caught me at the right time, when a couple of other projects were on hold, and we enjoyed the opportunity to work on a site with mature landscaping and beautiful frontage along the marsh across the bay from Atlantic City.

Quite a bit of the work here was to promote better drainage, with gentle shaping of what had been very flat fairways.  But we had to build up the fairways along the marsh to mitigate flooding issues, and to generate the fill for that we created seven acres of new tidal wetland on our re-routed 14th and 15th holes, breaking up a run of downwind par-4’s.  The State of New Jersey had never received an application for a golf course to create more wetlands, instead of filling them in.